Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fire Safety

This week we have been learning about fire safety.
We have learned about
Stop, Drop, and Roll while covering your face.
We put a pretend flame on our clothing and have to roll around until it falls off, it's a lot of fun.
We practice staying low in smoke by crawling as low to the ground under the tables. 
We learn about the different parts of a fire engine.
We also learn about what a firefighter wears.
We compare firefighters and doctors. 




We walked to the fire station.

 They gave us a tour of inside the station as well as an engine.

  We were shown a firefighers so we know what they would look like in case of an emergency. 

 One of the fireman came down the pole for us.
We still have more to come but have had a great start of our week.

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