Sunday, September 1, 2013

The start of year 5!

Time flies... It's that time of year when teachers start getting classrooms set up for the next class. This is one of my favorite parts of summer.  It means I get to use my creativity with how I decorate the room.  I am very blessed to work in a school that lets me have freedom.  If there is a color of bulletin board paper I would like to use, my principal will order it for me.  

I have set up my classroom with a Bird Theme this year,  I did a bird theme last year but found so many new things that I wanted to repeat the theme the inspiration of my classroom came from   Next year I will be completely changing everything though to Sock Monkeys.  I'm EXCITED!!!

 Last year I was able to get a new bigger bulletin board for outside my classroom after my previous one fell off the wall when it was really windy.  This way I am able to showcase the students work as well.  

I really liked the BoHo bird Welcome Bulletin Board and wanted to incorporate them into my outside board.

 My completed outside board.

My door when you walk into the classroom.  
I thought it would be cool to change the trees in my classroom to look more like a tree you would see outside thanks to schoolgirlstyle.
 A work in progress
Travis adding the leaves and birds to the trees.

   The end result of how one of the trees turned out.
My shelves organized
 Right side of the room wall when standing in the middle of the room.  
 Left side of the room wall when standing in the middle of the room.
You can sort of see our Fly into Kindergarten board above the sink. 
The new birds going up in my room.  I love the green, purple and blue colors together.
My reading corner and morning meeting area.  
The new bookcase I picked up at the teacher swap. Also the bird boarder added to the tree bookcase. 
My newly organized and A.R. leveled books.

My morning meeting area and other bookcase.
More birds :) 
My chicka, chicka, boom, boom tree to be filled out the second day of school. 
Also were we keep our extra art supplies.
The colorful bins in the front of the room hold our supplies ( scissors, glue, glue sticks, markers, extra pencils, etc)
The three bins on top are were we turn in our journals each day, our folders, and completed work)
Our bird nest job chart, counting the days of school with birds, and fruits of the spirit board.)
My desk... I love the bird print and pink combination.
My plan and record books.