Saturday, June 30, 2012

Classroom updates

This last week has been very productive.  My mom came into town to help with my classroom.  Nothing beats being able to hang out with family and get stuff done in the classroom.
My mom and I went to several teacher stores and got different things to fit my theme.  I am doing a bird theme next year. I am super excited.  I found a lot of great things and what we didn't find we are making.  I also found my first day of school outfit with makes me even more excited for everything to come.
We took down and covered all my bulletin boards and assembled all my new mailboxes and worked on my classroom library. 
Right now my classroom looks like a tornado went through it but I am really looking forward to the end result.  I like the color combination with the green, blue and brown. 
My New word wall words and letters!

My new calendar!
My new name tags before...

Cute Bird Stickers!

The start of my job chart, I have to fix some of the jobs to blue but ... I am excited for the end result.

My Old Classroom

I thought I would start with some older pictures of my classroom before showing what will be come transitioning into for next year. :)








I've deceided to start blogging about some of the things we do in my classroom.  I am starting my fourth year of teaching Kindergarten this year.  I have been getting ready with setting up my classroom.  I know it is still June but I have been so excited since I figured out my theme for this year.
Let the set up begin!